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Ghent Apartment

We own and operate an extensive variety of apartments in Norfolk and Downtown Portsmouth.  We do not manage  property of other owners.  That gives us a unique incentive to operate and maintain our properties to a high standard. 

Our Team

Philip, General Manager, 757.844.7260

Claire, Office 757.737.0471

EMERGENCY and After hours calls

Philip 757.844.7260

Top electricians, plumbers and other specialists are available if needed.

We answer the phone nights and weekends - no recordings. 

Best lease terms - example, we use a monthly renewal vs. others using annual renewal.  No application fee to pre-qualify for rental and to view an apartment.

Our Philosophy

We treat our residents the way we like to be treated, because all of us have had our own rental experiences at some point. 


All apartments include water, sewer and trash.  Many include gas for heat, hot water and stove.  This leaves you with a small electric bill.  The electric bill - typically runs approximately $35.00 eight (8) months of the year.  Pets are negotiable (see pet policy). 


When our residents decide to move on, it is almost always because their personal circumstances have changed, not because their rent was raised substantially or service was lacking.

Our goal above all else is to maintain an environment of peace, quiet and safety.

The best lease terms for tenants is a month to month renewal after one year.  Many other landlords make you sign or authorize renewal for one more year. Not giving you the flexibility when you want to move.

Capital Associates - 40th year in business. 
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